You know the story about two frogs trapped in a jug with milk, the one decided to give up and the other turned milk into butter.

Ms Ksenia Listova has always been the second frog. She received her MA degree from Irkutsk State Linguistic University and eventually earned her spot as an artistic director at Developers Company «Fortune».

There she promoted and produced shows in clubs, malls, arena. After her 7 years carrier in Siberia being on client’s side she decided that is was time to change the scenery and try the opposite thing.

Ksenia moved to Moscow where she was offered a position of a talent buyer at CCIA. Three years later being a head of Sales Department, after arranging 6 big Russian tours and hundreds of shows for International acts, she went a step forward to go by her own.

Since then Live Music Agency exists in its form. Ksenia does booking for corporate and private market in Russia and CIS. In 2014-2015 another career achievement has been done, exhibition on a venue of biggest «All -Russia Exhibition Centre» the so called VDNH.